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    Looking to jumpstart your marketing strategy development? We can provide the guidance you’re looking for to help you develop a new marketing strategy or inject some fresh thinking into the existing one.

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Creating a marketing strategy

Experienced in developing marketing strategies for a wide range of clients – from start-up’s to international companies – we can help you with your marketing strategy development or simply undertake an analysis of your existing one.  Most importantly we will clarify your marketing objectives and help research all the information you need to create a good marketing strategy.  That means talking to customers and prospects, undertaking competitive analysis and identifying what changes can best achieve your objectives.

Where do you start?

We will start with your business model as this identifies the purpose of your business – how you plan to make a profit from the value you sell to customers. Get this right and your marketing strategy development process will be easier and more likely to succeed.  

Marketing strategy development

We can help you answer all the questions needed to bring clarity to what you know and the marketing direction you want to take. We’ll undertake a total marketing analysis of your business, your market, your value proposition, your ideal customer, and your competition. Whether you want to develop a good marketing strategy or re-examine your current strategic marketing plan, our approach will develop the perfect marketing approach for your business so you can market smarter and more effectively.

Points to consider

  • Value proposition

    What is your value proposition?

  • Customer segments

    Which customer segments are you targeting or looking to target?

  • Channels to market

    What channels will you deploy to sell and distribute your product?

  • Customer relationships

    How will you manage and maintain customer relationships?

  • Strategic partnerships

    How do you support you strategic partners?

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