FFEI's fresh new website

FFEI’s new website – ten months on

Ten months ago I helped one of my clients ‘go live’ with their new website. I thought I would reflect on the project and share some insight on the decisions made for the new build, initial feedback and plans for the future.

FFEI is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of digital imaging solutions within the graphic arts industry. The past year has seen them reassess their business model and set a new strategy in place to target the growing label and specialty print sector.

Building a website to reflect their new vision
The FFEI website, whist functional, didn’t give the feel of an innovative, market leading manufacturing company. It was time for a refresh. FFEI were driving through a transformation and needed a site to reflect progression.

There were also some more fundamental things to consider, moving forward.

  • Implementing and acting upon website analytics – Google analytics had been applied, but it wasn’t monitored and included internal traffic, which was skewing the figures.
  • Implementing a flexible CMS system – whilst the website had a CMS in place, it really only allowed minor text changes to be made. To set up new pages, restructure a page or make changes to the home page meant having to go back to the web agency incurring costs and wasting time.
  • SEO had been completely ignore

Decision one
Had to be a WordPress based website – I am a true WordPress advocate. If you choose the right theme, there isn’t anything you can’t tweak, shape or change. Most importantly you can choose a theme that can accommodate the different skills of administrators – from hard-core programming to drag and drop construction. Have a look at the broad selection on ThemeForest there is something for every budget and skill set.

Decision two
Take on the build – because of the many WordPress themes available I was able to find one that suited the styling FFEI were looking for and would be easy for their internal team to use. So taking on the build was an easy decision to make. Having built quite few WordPress sites I felt confident in doing this. But if your are looking to build a site for the first time, you may want to solicit the help of an ‘expert’ who can help set things up and make sure going live is stress free.

Decision three
In terms of target ‘go live’ date the aim was to launch the new site ahead of a major product launch – there’s nothing like a tight deadline to get a project moving. It would be a challenge but was the right decision. A lot of noise was going to be generated about both the new product and company. To bring new prospects to a website that didn’t reflect the messages being communicated, would have been detrimental to the whole launch campaign.

Go live
The 1st August was fast approaching (the build had started 7 weeks before). A plan of action was fixed in place to make sure all the important tick box items were checked. Aside from all the standard considerations (link to other blog) and having tested for browser compatibility, etc. the site was initially rolled out internally for feedback. This really is the best way to get honest feedback and to find any typos, broken links, etc. My recent blog ‘when should I go live with my new website’  provides some good pointers to help you decide if you are ready to make your new website live.

Pushing the button
Success. We received some great feedback both internally and externally. It looked good and was easy to navigate. Critically it was starting to generate good leads, with key products achieving first place in organic listings for key search terms. Take a look at FFEI’s website

Plans for the future
A website is something that should evolve. You should always be looking at ways to improve it. The main focus for the FFEI site is to continue improving the SEO for the site – still lots of room for improvement – and to also build in a forum so that both FFEI and their resellers could engage and provide support.

Need help with your new website?  Don’t know where to start or how to get it finished?  Phase can help you.  Please get in touch and tell us about the challenge you currently face.

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