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    We will help you create an effective marketing plan and guide you through the implementation We will work with you to decide how to schedule and plan activities, calculate costs and measure progress. Most importantly we can help you ‘complete each task’.

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Building an effective marketing plan

An effective marketing plan details how you can achieve the goals of your business, by how and what you say to customers and prospects.  It captures who you are targeting, what you want to say and the best way to say it.

The way you communicate with customers and prospects will not only serve to educate and motivate them, but will also define the relationship you have with them.

We create marketing plans for a wide range of business – small local businesses to large international enterprises – and employ proven strategies to ensure marketing campaigns are successfully implemented.  

Its all about what you are going to communicate, how you are going to say it, when you are going to say it and most importantly who you are going to say it to.

Creating the right marketing plan for you

To get the right marketing plan for you we will touch upon the performance of your current marketing activity and assess how well it meets your marketing objectives, (stimulates your target market, sufficiently conveys your value propositions and services your chosen channels to market).

We will identify the different marketing communications tools to employ to best meet your objectives and develop a fresh effective marketing plan. You’ll get all of the proven, real-world marketing strategies that successful small businesses need to know:

Points to consider when developing a marketing plan

  • Reaching out

    What will be the best way to reach out to your customers?

  • Lead generation

    How can you generate good quality leads?

  • Customer engagement

    How can you better engage with your customers?

  • Budget

    How can you make the most of your budget?

  • A promotional platform

    How can you attract more customers, create more loyalty and gain more name recognition?

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