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A good marketing strategy

Could your marketing strategy do with a health check? We all benefit from regular health checks. A doctor asks a number of questions and conducts various tests to establish how healthy we are and how we could make changes to improve our health and wellbeing – now and into the future. It’s no different for […]

Marketing strategy review checklist

Your marketing strategy should be viewed as an ever-evolving response to your business plan, the market and your customers – because they rarely stay the same! By undertaking a marketing strategy review well enable you to make informed decision on how best to adjusted your marketing efforts.

5 step guide – hiring a strategic marketing consultancy

A strategic marketing consultancy – do you actually need one? Whether you’re a small local business or a large international company, hiring a strategic marketing consultancy can provide the focus and energy needed to give your marketing activity a boost – bottom line, it delivers the results you want.

FFEI’s new website – ten months on

Ten months ago I helped one of my clients ‘go live’ with their new website. I thought I would reflect on the project and share some insight on the decisions made for the new build, initial feedback and plans for the future.

When should I go live with my new website?

One of the hardest questions to answer in web design is “when is my new web site ready to go live?” and with good reason.  Firstly a website evolves – there will always be room for improvement and it is never going to be perfect.

Graphium infographic

This was a great little project to work on. It’s never easy to convey the features and benefits of a technical product. But it was vital that, in contrast to the detail contained in the product brochure and feature sheets, a prospect could instantly gain a top level understanding of how they could benefit from […]