About Phase

At Phase our aim is to help you translate your value proposition into meaningful, motivational messages that can be effectively communicated to your target market in an engaging, action provoking style.

Based in Milton Keynes, Faye and her highly experienced design affiliates provide a wealth of expertise, from graphic design, web development, copy writing to video and photography – it’s all in the mix. Together we can provide assistance in refreshing your business model, developing your marketing communications plan and ensuring it is implemented to maximum effect.

With clients ranging from large global manufacturers to small local businesses we have a proven record of understanding what is required to generate the results desired.

So whether you are looking to win new customers, increase sales to existing customers, launch a product or raise awareness of your brand, get in touch. Phase can help you gain the most from your marketing efforts through its range of workshops and marketing services.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Faye McClenahan – Managing Director

I have worked in numerous marketing roles over the last 15 years and understand how important each stage of the marketing planning process is.

What experience has taught me is that successful marketing campaigns come from a company wide appreciation of the importance of business planning and marketing strategy – to drop the jargon they understand the importance of knowing who could/should buy their product and why! Every company holds the key to their future success and I believe it is a marketing consultant’s role to listen and coordinate their vision and goals into a plan that will ensure this success.